Review: Something in Between

It feels like there’s no ground beneath me, like everything I’ve ever done has been a lie. Like I’m breaking apart, shattering. Who am I? Where do I belong?
Jasmine de los Santos has always done what’s expected of her. Pretty and popular, she’s studied hard, made her Filipino immigrant parents proud and is ready to reap the rewards in the form of a full college scholarship.
And then everything shatters. A national scholar award invitation compels her parents to reveal the truth: their visas expired years ago. Her entire family is illegal. That means no scholarships, maybe no college at all and the very real threat of deportation.
For the first time, Jasmine rebels, trying all those teen things she never had time for in the past. Even as she’s trying to make sense of her new world, it’s turned upside down by Royce Blakely, the charming son of a high-ranking congressman. Jasmine no longer has any idea where—or if—she fits into the American Dream. All she knows is that she’s not giving up. Because when the rules you lived by no longer apply, the only thing to do is make up your own.



Source: (Hardcover, 432 pages) provided via the publisher

Published: October 4th 2016 by Harlequin Teen

Rating: 4.5/5



Something in Between takes readers to the realistic world of Jasmine, a popular and smart Filipino high school student. Her life, you can say, was perfect till she discovered that she is an illegal immigrant. However, Jasmine doesn’t give up. With the help of her new charming friend, Royce, they endeavor on a journey to find her voice and save her family from deportation.

“It’s not what happens that matters. What matters is how w react to it.”

Jasmine is such a strong and loveable character. Her story will take out every emotion from you and will hold you till the end. Her journey also questions what we are unsure of today-the American Dream and immigration.

The relationship between Royce and Jasmine is also super cute. I love how much he cares about Jasmine. However, I didn’t like how quick their relationship was. It went from meeting to kissing too soon. Also, the break ups and fights were so childish and unrealistic. During those fights, Jasmine acted like a 13 year, rather than an 18 year old. This got me extremely annoyed. But other than this, I really enjoyed the book.

I 100% recommend Something in Between. This book will make you laugh and cry as you flip its pages. In addition, this book has a very accurate political side. A must read!


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