Review: The Row


A death sentence. A family torn apart. One girl’s hunt for the truth.
Seventeen-year-old Riley Beckett is no stranger to prison. Her father is a convicted serial killer on death row who has always maintained that he was falsely accused. Riley has never missed a single visit with her father. She wholeheartedly believes that he is innocent.
Then, a month before the execution date, Riley’s world is rocked when, in an attempt to help her move on, her father secretly confesses to her that he actually did carry out the murders. He takes it back almost immediately, but she cannot forget what he’s told her. Determined to uncover the truth for her own sake, she discovers something that will forever change everything she’s believed about the family she loves.



By:  J.R. Johansson

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)

Publication Date: October 11, 2016

Source: paperback ARC from publisher

Rating: 4.5/5


The Row is a suspenseful and thrilling read, sending readers off to the state of Texas. There, seventeen-year old Riley’s dad is convicted serial killer. Almost all her life, Riley has been trying to prove her dad’s innocence. When her father admits that he is guilty, her whole life turns upside down. But then her dad takes it back no later. So what really happened? Who killed those woman? With the help of her new friend, Jordon, they uncover the secrets behind her family and the truth behind the murders.

“I’m not giving up.” ( J.R.Johansson-259)

Riley is such a strong and lovable character. She is super persistent and I love her determination. My heart totally opened for her. And that ending. (WOW!) I totally didn’t see it coming! Jordan is also so caring and sweet to Riley. It’s swoon worthy! I love them. I totally recommend this book!


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